Softnyx always welcomes people with passion.
Make your gaming career together with Softnyx!


Softnyx strives to foster human resources through global leader, innovation, and collaboration.


Known as the No.1 publisher the LATAM region, Softnyx is a global company that leads the 'Korean Game Wave' around the world. We prefer applicants with user-friendly thinking and global minds that quickly adapts to the 'needs' of the gamers from around the world.


A Softnyx member is a person who doesn't settle down to the present and challenges creative thinking. Softnyx always has its door open to those who have a sense of propriety that makes sure to achieve what they want with their vision and strong pioneering spirit.


The main component of a company is its people, and the members of Softnyx create the best teamwork through each other's growth and development. We seek those who will become the leading figure of Softnyx in the 21th century and creates the highest standard in their field and drives the company forward.


Softnyx operates the following pay systems
and retirement plans.

Salary System

Full-time employment only

Salary is adopted and adjusted annually after joining the company

100% pay for trainee, even during probationary period


Individual performance pay and incentive pay at a given time of year


Gift/pay to all employees with Lunar New Year/Thanksgiving season in addition to salary, achievement pay, and incentives

Pension System

Operates with defined benefit type (DB) retirement pension plan

Work Life

Softnyx member is a brave person who doesn't settle down to the present and challenges creative thinking.

Recruitment Process

1 STEPCheck recruitment notification

Search online recruitment portals such as Game Job and Job Korea sites to see if there are any areas you want to apply for

2 STEPResume Application

Please check the details of the application carefully before sending the necessary documents

3 STEPResume Processing

After reviewing the application/resume form, we will guide all pass/fail applicants individually

4 STEP1st Interview (Practical Interview)

The first and second interviews will be conducted for those who passed the application process, and the first interview will evaluate the job performance and expertise required by the applicant

5 STEP2nd Interview

The second interview will take place on the day of the first interview, and the company will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the personality/cooperation skills of the applicant

6 STEPFinal Acceptance Notification

The final accpetance notice will be notified to the applicant after the interview